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Seminar hotels

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Domaine de Chateauneuf

Seminar hotels
  • 30 Rooms
  • Maximum capacity 60 guests
  • 2 Seminar rooms
An elegant 18th century bastide welcomes you warmly and invites to enjoy all the charms of the art of living in Provence. This unique hotel is a haven of peace, in the middle of a woody park of 4 ha....

Domaine de Cic

Seminar hotels
  • 114 Rooms
  • Maximum capacity 240 guests
  • 9 Seminar rooms
Mordelaises et Lices/49607410055/

Domaine de Forges

Seminar hotels
  • 143 Rooms
  • Maximum capacity 380 guests
  • 15 Seminar rooms
Ambassadeurs, située à l'étage du Casino908090120380250360

Domaine de la Tortini

Seminar hotels
  • 32 Rooms
  • Maximum capacity 80 guests
  • 5 Seminar rooms
Elegance, exceptional landscape, easy locationand excellent service for an outstanding seminar.
  • 68 Rooms
  • Maximum capacity 100 guests
  • 3 Seminar rooms
Situated in the heights of the famous village of the impressionists, PONT-AVEN. View over the river Aven, inspiration of the painters, Le Domaine de Pont Aven ART GALLERY RESORT **** with its manor...

Domaine de Verchant

Seminar hotels
  • 26 Rooms
  • Maximum capacity 350 guests
  • 6 Seminar rooms
La Salle Prestige5040/150340250300
Set amid greenery and in the beautiful surroundings of vineyards, an architecture of character and a unique environment, where luxury, sophistication and moderation are united for a stay in which...

Domaine des Escaunes

Seminar hotels
  • 22 Rooms
  • Maximum capacity 85 guests
  • 3 Seminar rooms
Henri IV3045/5585110120
  • 76 Rooms
  • Maximum capacity 120 guests
  • 4 Seminar rooms
This recently-built hotel celebrates the Proven

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